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Student Units of Instruction

Changing Quilts One Step At A Time

A Unit of Instruction by

Wendy Ashe

Lesson Two
Conceptual Interpretations of Quilts

Lesson Theme

General Lesson Objectives
Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to discuss and appreciate the possibility of quilts as metaphors.

Works of Art
Flo Oy Wong- We Weren’t Suppose To Be Friends
Cheryl Springfels- Untitled (tea bag quilt)
Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

Teacher Materials-Day 1
slide projector

Teacher Materials- Studio Work
magazine and newspapers
construction paper
9"x12" paper (any color)
scrap paper and fabric
markers, pencils, crayons, erasures, rulers
found materials –photographs, negatives, feathers etc.

Student Materials
found materials from home


Specific Learning Objective

With the knowledge learned in the first lesson, the students will understand how the function and concept of quilts has changed. The students will discuss with the teacher the concept of interpretational quilts.

Standards of Learning

Advanced Organizer
Day 1-
The slides and projector must be in place before class begins.

Day 2-The materials will be readily accessible after instructions are given.

Day 3-The materials will be on the tables to allow students to continue their work of their "quilt".

Lesson Sequence
Day I
1 The students will enter the classroom prepared to view slides.
2 During and following the slide presentation, the students will discuss with the teacher the concept of "interpretive quilts".
3 Following the slide presentation the teacher will assign homework- students must bring in found objects from home that represent themselves.

Day II
1 The students upon entering the classroom will be seated. The teacher will review the ideas of the previous class.
2 The students will brainstorm on scraps of paper ideas that they feel represent themselves (ex. family, places, pets, etc.)
3 The students will begin their art making activity.

1 The students upon entering the classroom will continue their art making project.
2 During the last 15 minutes of class the students will place their projects on the floor as a group.
3 After laying the pieces down the class as a group will arrange the pieces in an aesthetic combination.

The students will grasp a better understanding of quilts as an artistic interpretation of work through discussion. Also, through their art making project the students will understand the importance of working on an individual level as well as being able to combine their artwork with others to create a larger effect.

This will be the end of this unit until another brainstorm hits and it can be expanded.

Cheryl Springfels- Untitled (Tea Bag Quilt)
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